Philadelphia Eagles 2013 off season frustration!!

You will have to forgive me; I live with 3 girls, all of my friends root for the Vikings and only my dog listens to me cry about the Eagles, so…. I need to vent.

Here’s the deal, I hate the new coaching staff. I know I know, hate is a strong word but please try and remember, I’m venting. For the first time in 14 years the owner had a chance to change the culture in Philly and bring us back to those old Philly teams that brought the big hits.  I really thought those days were coming back but then…… we hire Chip Kelly. The great college offensive mind that has done little to help his D’s. This smells just like when the Redskins brought in Steve Spurrier and the gimmick O that was to change the pro game forever. Guess what…. Spurrier failed and crawled back to the college ranks where he belongs.

But, after some stat checking and some prayer, I got behind the Kelly hire with 1 hope…. The new Defensive Coordinator he would hire would be a seasoned pro, an aggressive monster that would bring us back to the glory days and Kelly could tinker with the O all he wanted. So… who is this new D.C? An assistant from one of the Super Bowl teams? An elite mind who has been a D.C for many years? How about Lovie Smith? No.  A Browns coach. Yes… those Browns. Because when I think Defense, I think Browns… don’t you? Billy Davis, the Browns LB coach will now be running my Philly D.

Now, to be fair, he was an assistant under some of the great Steelers D’s about 10 years ago. Also, he went to the Superbowl with the Cards a few years back but as a D.C. he has been soft. 2 times he’s had NFL D.C. jobs and has 2 times failed miserably.  I won’t list his stats but basically, its bottom of the barrel all over the board. Honestly folks, I’m losing my mind. To think, Gus Bradley was on a plane to Philadelphia to be our head coach as Roseman (the guy that’s now running the Eagles) was in a room begging Chip Kelly to reconsider and take the job. How can this be?

So… here we are, I had high hopes for this off season and now…. I am crushed. Can they get better? Sure. Will I get behind them? Of course. But I have to be honest and say….. I’m not expecting big things from this team any time soon.

Don’t worry, I know we mostly blog about ministry and I don’t expect anyone to tune into this one other than to rejoice at my misery (I’m looking at you Dave) but I had to get this off my chest. Thanks.

God save the queen…. No, God save the Eagles,


I will also be posting part 2 of this series later today. 


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